Confused about personal finance?Are you in the know? Depending on your age, you know what someone means when they say CCR, NKOTB, BSB, or OMG. But do you know financial acronyms, like RRSP or the more recently-minted TFSA?

Like most young people, I knew what the “cool” acronyms meant, but had no idea about financial ones. What I did know was that my minimum wage jobs were barely paying my rent, and that ramen was a college girl’s best mealtime friend. That was the extent of my financial knowledge and financial education. That and how to write out a check, courtesy of the public education system. As a young adult, I wanted to know more… How to make money, how to save money, and how to create a stable financial future for myself. I wanted the finer things in life… (like the luxury of a box of KD… made *with* milk!)

When a friend announced that we should sign up for a financial planning class, offered by a local school district’s continuing education department, I began to see hope that my aspirations could be achieved! I learned the basics… including that a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a good way to squirrel away pre-tax dollars, AND reduce my tax liability doing so. (Tax refund, anyone?)

I also learned that this was only the tip of the personal finance iceberg. I wanted to learn more…. but where….how? There are a lot of books and blogs out there, but most do not address the issues unique to personal finance in Canada in general, and to residents of British Columbia in particular. That is what this blog aims to do.

What do you want to learn more about? Do you want to learn how to become debt-free? Are you concerned that your family is not properly protected? Is your goal to double your money? Do you know how long it will take? If you have any of these questions, or more, let me know! You may see your question answered in the next KnowMoney.ca blog post!


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