They should teach this in school

They should teach this in school“They should teach this in school. My whole life would have been different if I’d known this before.”

How many of us have mirrored this sentiment at some time in our financial lives? I know I have. Like Harriet, who was working overtime and seeing a bleak financial future, I paused and thought to myself, “There MUST be a way!” And there is… It’s called financial education.

Most don’t learn it in school. I didn’t… Harriet didn’t… You probably didn’t either. The School of Hard Knocks only taught us so much after our high school graduations. Now what? Fortunately, some of us have learned the secrets to saving our financial lives… and a few want to pay that knowledge forward.

That is what is about: Sharing the financial lessons I’ve learned. As a resident of the Vancouver, BC area, the knowledge I’ve acquired is specific to BC and Lower Mainland residents, but many concepts apply to all Canadians. My hope is to help our national mantra of “…the True North, strong and free…” also apply to our personal financial freedom.

Visit often to learn new financial lessons to strengthen your financial future and freedom. Invite your friends, share with your families and teach your children. Together, we can build a strong, financially-free Canadian future!

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2 Responses to “They should teach this in school”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. So many people – myself included! – grow up with no clue how to manage money. Then, people end up in huge amounts of debt, file bankruptcy and do it all over again.

    Looking forward to learning from your upcoming blog posts!

  2. Sustainable PF says:

    Given the reports of the financial state of the Boomers currently heading into retirement and the reports of 20-40 yr olds being oblivious to good spending and saving habits and lack of overall PF knowledge – this stuff needs to be mandatory in school. If it is not those working will bare too much load for those who weren’t bothered to think beyond the latest pay cheque and latest must have toy.

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